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Dirty Louisiana

DEAL: KFC Dirty Louisiana Burger & Box Meal

 KFC have just a brand new burger for their latest promotion – the Dirty Louisiana! The burger contains an Original Recipe Fillet with Black Pepper Mayo, Lettuce, Deluxe BBQ Sauce, Cheese, Hash Brown, Cheese, Supercharger...


NEWS: McDonald’s Toffee Crisp McFlurry

 For a limited time only, McDonald’s have introduced the Toffee Crisp McFlurry! The Toffee Crisp McFlurry features soft dairy ice cream swirled with chocolate covered crispy pieces and a Toffee Crisp sauce. To try out the...

KFC Zinger Fries

DEAL: KFC Zinger Fries for 99p

 KFC have launched a brand new item to their menu – Zinger Fries! These are fries with an added spicy Zinger twist, and best of all, a large serving will cost you just 99p! It’s...