McDonald’s Monopoly New Zealand 2016 [Rare Pieces, Prizes & Game Info]

20150903 McDonalds MonopolyStarting 7 September 2016, McDonald’s are bringing back McDonald’s Monopoly, with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs i New Zealand!

We’re going to be continually updating this post with the latest information on Macca’s Monopoly, so check this post regularly and scroll down for more game information or click on one of these links:

This year, the most valuable prizes are a $20,000 Flight Centre Gift Card, a Suzuki Baleno Ltd Auto, Samsung Galaxy tablets and more! As always, there’s plenty of instant win food prizes as well including Big Macs, McChickens, Cheeseburgers, Fries and McMuffins.

To collect game tickets, you’ll need to purchase the McDonald’s products in the below. You’ll still get tickets if you purchase a value meal – for example, a Medium meal will earn you 2 tickets while a large will earn you 4 tickets. If you purchase a value meal with one of the burgers below, you’ll earn an extra ticket.

Game Tickets Purchase the following McDonald’s products:
1 The Almighty Angus, Serious Angus, Chicken Bacon Delxue, Medium Fries, Kiwi Big Breakfast, Medium Soft Drink, Large McCafe Coffee, Hashbrown, Steak Georgie Pie, Bacon and Egg Georgie Pie
2 Large Fries, Large Soft Drink, McFlurry, Create Your Taste burger, Create Your Taste Fries

20150902 Monopoly Game Board-page-001This year, you’ll need the game board (Coming soon) and the following pieces to win the “Collect to Win prizes”:

Collect to Win Prize Table
Collect one Ticket for each of these Monopoly properties Rare Ticket Colour of Tickets Generic Ticket No.’s Collect to Win Prize Value of Each Max No. of Prizes
Leicester Square
Piccadilly (rare)
Coventry Street
Piccadilly Yellow NZ152
Flight Centre $20,000 Gift Card $20,000.00  App: 1
Park Lane  (rare)
Park Lane Dark Blue NZ727
Samsung 60″ Smart LED TV $3,276.82 App: 1
Fleet Street  (rare)
Trafalgar Square
Fleet Street Red NZ747
Suzuki Baleno Ltd Auto $25,990.00 Peeled: 1
App: 1
Bow Street
Vine Street
Marlborough Street (rare)
Marlborough Street Orange NZ623
Samsung Galaxy Tablet  $507.52 Peeled: 3
App: 2
Oxford Street
Regent Street (rare)
Bond Street
Regent Street Green NZ215
Samsung Home Theatre $903.13 Peeled: 1
App: 1
The Angel, Islington
Euston Road  (rare)
Pentonville Road
Euston Road Light Blue NZ431
Samsung Home Entertainment Package $6,731.10  App: 1
Pall Mall
Whitehall (rare)
Northumberland Avenue
Whitehall Pink NZ369
$500 NZSale Voucher $500.00 Peeled: 10
App: 5
Fenchurch St Station  (rare)
Liverpool St Station
Kings Cross Station
Marylebone Station
Fenchurch St Station Stations NZ657
Shotbox S71 Action Cam $496.21 Peeled: 6
App: 4
Whitechapel Road
Old Kent Road  (rare)
Old Kent Road Brown NZ575
$1,000 NZSale Voucher $1,000.00 Peeled: 1
App: 1


More Info

You’ll need to sign up and go to the Macca’s Play website to enter in the codes to claim the prizes.

The promotion starts on September 7. You’ll be able to purchase items and collect tickets up until October, and you’ll be able to claim prizes up until November (dates to be confirmed).

Have any thoughts about Macca’s Monopoly or need certain pieces to complete your set? Leave a comment below!

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